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What we offer and our success stories

What we offer

At Opportunity Global, we truly believe that Apprenticeships can be brilliant.  After working in the Apprenticeship space since 2016, we experienced them as strategists and practitioners.  We understand all of the regulations and constraints of the Apprenticeship Levy proposition so that we can work within the guidelines to maximise the Apprenticeship opportunity for your organisation.   

Using our knowledge of the sector and relationships with providers, we can help you to: 

  • Create Early Career Programmes
  • Increase Retention
  • Improve Diversity
  • Equip Managers
  • Unlock Levy Transfer Funding


We can work with you as consultants to support a specific project such as creating the business case for apprenticeships to share with the board, creating a whole apprenticeship strategy with you, or as longer-term apprenticeship support, helping you to ensure all of your providers are consistently delivering high quality, relevant apprenticeships to your employees. 

Case studies


Marketing Debuts

Marketing Debuts had a simple aim:  to get more people from diverse backgrounds into the creative communications industry – and back them.


Financial Conduct Authority

As a Levy Payer, FCA wanted to maximise their levy pot and also use apprenticeships across the organisation as we as educate their managers.

Our Podcast

Opportunity: The Apprenticeship Podcast - with Michaela Reaney and Kate Temple-Brown

Opportunity: The Apprenticeship Podcast

In 2022 we launched a podcast to give you more information and empower employers to maximise their own apprenticeship strategy Podcast 

The Opportunity Guide

If you are creating an apprenticeship strategy download our guide.

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We regularly share insights and information to help you better understand how to maximise the Apprenticeship opportunity in your organisation. Here are our upcoming webinars.

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