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Case Study - Financial Conduct Authority - Maximising the Apprenticeship Offer

About the Programme

In the Summer of 2017,  we spent 4 months working 3 days per week with the HR team at FCA.

Student listening to Coach

Assessment: They already had a small apprenticeship-funded school leaver offering but were disappointed with the service levels of their training provider and also wanted to focus on improving the diversity of both new and existing employees across the levels of the organisation.

As a levy payer, they wanted to maximise their levy pot and also use apprenticeships across the organisation alongside educating Managers in the possibilities and benefits of levy-funded development.

Plan: Working closely with the HR team’s existing TNA and strategic goals we spent time
hosting focus groups and education sessions to understand skills needed and their appetite for development.
We also delivered an audit of the existing training provider and challenged their quality and service levels.

Our Solution


Holistic analysis of FCA development strategy: Where are you now? Where do you want to be? How can you use the Levy to get you there?


On site consultancy working within client organisation


Recommendations for Levy implementation for existing and new employees

Cost/risk/benefits analysis

Detailing the preferred strategy with milestones

Supplier audit and intelligence on supplier options

Recruitment process audit

Review of current L&D programmes


According to scope and business readiness

Students having a Discussion


The final report was delivered to the Head of Talent, Head of HR and Apprenticeship lead and we determined that the best way to improve diversity internally was to empower junior administrative staff to gain qualifications that would enable them to be promoted to Associate level.

We designed and began delivery of a business management qualification open to all administrators. This included additional
content on presentation skills, data management and project management.
We worked to find and onboard a suitable training provider and ensure they were open to the additional content and high-quality expectations.
Phase 2 involved all learning requests being checked so that they could be delivered as an apprenticeship to greatly decrease commercial training spend.
The school leaver programme was increased and started across additional divisions. The training provider was improved and managed more closely.

The Impact

Diversity increased in both new and existing employee populations

Commerical training spend decreased

The quality of existing school leaver programmes improved and numbers increased

Apprenticeship Levy spending increased

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