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Our Story

It was the day after the EU referendum, in 2016 the country was reeling and wondering what was next. Our co-founders, Kate and Michaela were speaking at a conference in Manchester feeling a little uncertain and deflated. They met at the lunch buffet over a shared frustration of the conference format being the same old content delivered by the same people year after year but the real story began over a glass of prosecco at Kings Cross Station a year after first meeting. They decided to build their own apprenticeship training provider having kissed a few frogs in their search to find the perfect registered training provider to collaborate with. A shared purpose of believing in the power of apprenticeships and development, they had experienced first-hand the challenges of being in-house and trying to find a way to utilise the apprenticeship levy and development in an innovative and impactful way.

Combining their shared vision and complimentary skillsets, they merged their two businesses (a commercial training company ‘Gradvert’ and apprenticeship consultancy ‘Aequalis’ ) to create Opportunity Global.

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Our purpose is to change the perception of apprenticeships globally. Opportunity Global was created for anyone involved in recruiting and developing people, whatever the organisation size or the sector. We want to share the important message about how apprenticeships can transform your organisation using government funding in a creative and strategic way.

In 2020 when the pandemic hit, Michaela and Kate saw that people were disproportionately affected. Those people with the lowest levels of education and wealth were hit harder and the digital divide grew larger. 

Using their proven methodology of adding human skills to technical programmes, Michaela and Kate began to deliver government-funded shorter bootcamps to combine digital skills, resilience and discussion groups to apply the learning to life.  As the world of work continues to change, these bootcamps support people of all ages to understand opportunities or access the world of work.

The focus is empowering people to know their talents and raise their aspirations.

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Impacted 3000+ people

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Created a Community Interest Company to fund learning for under-represented groups