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Our Flagship Programmes

These are our hero programmes, and we are constantly striving to develop our offerings with different human skills and technical skills.

Human Skills

The Opportunity Group has always believed that Human Skills are key to effective development. Technical capability without the confidence or communications skills to maximise it is useless.  The way to improve productivity and the quality of people’s lives is to combine human and technical skills for people to bring their whole selves to work and help them thrive.

We have designed a suite of Human Skills programmes that organisations can deliver to employees or populations of all backgrounds that help to navigate our ever-changing world.  Using a blended model of self-study modules and facilitated workshops, each short course has practical tools and takeaways as well as core skills to support themselves and others, whether that is their team, their family or their customers.

Money & Mental Health

We know that many employers want to support their own staff, and also that those in customer facing roles will have conversations about money. So, we wanted to create a short programme of tools for employees themselves, and also tips and tools for those speaking to customers who are vulnerable and concerned about their financial situation.

Understanding Menopause

The symptoms of Menopause don’t only impact the lives of women but their families, colleagues and customers. We believe that a better level of understanding of Menopause enables businesses to support their employees in bringing their best selves to work.


We can’t change the world, but we can change our perceptions. Evidence shows that when we adapt to the new season, cultivate a positive and resilient mindset, and manage energy levels, we’re simply more successful and suffer less stress. 

This is a programme of practical support and learning.

Technical Skills

In the changing world of work there is a fast growing need for digital skills.  We believe that there is talent everywhere just that many people don’t have the opportunity to realise theirs and so we have created short bootcamps in Cyber skills and Data analytics for people looking to understand there capabilities and use their skills and confidence to move into roles or apprenticeships that will continue to develop them. 

The bootcamps have a blended model of self study and facilitated workshops as well as additional human skills to help unlock the technical capabilities.  Technical bootcamps can also have additional employability or wellness modules included to broaden the reach and embed the learning.

Intelligence Analyst Foundation

A course made for people who already work with data and are looking to improve their ability to make decisions and allocate resources base on the data they have. This is a short, 3 module programme that shares the fundamentals of the Intelligence Analyst year-long apprenticeship.

Cyber Skills Bootcamp

Our Cyber Skills programme is designed to provide a greater understanding of the world of Cyber Security, to ensure that all learners have the opportunity to learn and develop new skills and abilities, whilst also recognising their transferable skill set.