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In the last two years Menopause has had unprecedented coverage and conversation.  Davina McCall has shone a light on the wide-ranging negative side effects and more and more women are speaking out about the negative impact of their symptoms on their lives.

These symptoms don’t only impact the lives of women but their families, colleagues and customers. We believe that a better level of understanding of Menopause enables businesses to support their employees in bringing their best selves to work.

This short course enables all employees to better understand Menopause for themselves, their families and their colleagues. We also enable leaders to have open and supportive conversations about topics that may be uncomfortable, signposting for more specialist support and understanding the legal position of adjusting work life to accommodate real life.

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Understanding Menopause Programme Roadmap

Incorporating Monthly 1:1 Coaching and Discussion Groups with additional resources and effective e-learning throughout.


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Module 1

Demystifying Menopause

Module 2

Raising Awareness and Creating a Culture of Openness

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Module 3

Interventions and Treatment Available

Module 4

The Everyday Conversation

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