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Money and Mental Health Programme

About the programme

This is a self-paced programme designed to start the conversation about money and support your financial well-being. Our hope is that by sharing information, stories and signposting it encourages more people to talk about money and the link to mental health. It’s a programme for individuals looking to improve their financial wellbeing as well as managers who are wanting to support themselves and their team better.

You will explore your beliefs and habits around money, the connection between money and mental health, and how to build resilience. The programme is full of practical tools and resources to start working on your financial well-being. We want to create a space for you to feel more empowered about money, clear your money blocks and be better able to support yourself and others when it comes to talking about money and well-being.

Managers have a greater impact on employees mental health than a doctor or therapist! That is a HUGE amount of pressure on managers who are already stretched. Have you thought about how you can you support your managers to have good conversations with their teams, have the confidence to provide helpful signposting and look after their own wellbeing? 

What is your organisation doing to equip managers with the tools and confidence to signpost effectively? Are your managers confident in supporting their team? Or are they reliant on mental health first aiders? 
ONE thing that always works is helping your managers to start the conversation with their team. This programme is aimed at supporting manager do just that. 

The tools and resources will support you in your journey, whether you are just starting out or are further on in your understanding of financial wellbeing. 

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Financial Wellbeing Tips

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Money and Mental Health Workshops

If you would like to take this learning further, we deliver a programme of workshops and coaching that supports team members, managers and well-being champions to dig into the subject of money, mental health, resilience and building trust in more detail. A practical programme that will give information, tools, and resources to work on your own financial well-being and the confidence to support others in the workplace.

What is included in the programme?

– Discover your money story and beliefs around money.

– Explore the connection between money and mental health.

– Understand how to spot the signs and deal with mental health disclosures in a safe way.

– Build confidence in starting the conversation about money and mental health.

– Trust building and creating a safe environment for your team.

– Resilience and supporting your own wellbeing whilst supporting people around you.

– Financial wellbeing tips and best practice.

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