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As the world seems to be more uncertain, and the media speak of an incoming recession, many people are anxious about money. We know that many employers want to support their own staff, and also that those in customer facing roles will have conversations about money.

So, we wanted to create a short programme of tools for employees themselves, and also tips and tools for those speaking to customers who are vulnerable and concerned about their financial situation.

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Money & Mental Health Programme Roadmap

Incorporating Monthly 1:1 Coaching and Discussion Groups with additional resources and effective e-learning throughout.


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Module 1

Building Relationships and Gaining Trust

Module 2
the Relationship Between Money
and Mental Health

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Module 3

Action Focused Support and Building Resilience

Module 4

Managing Difficult Conversation and How to Escalate Concerns

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For further details, read our
Money & Mental Health Catalogue

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