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Process Leader Level 3 Programme


Process Leader is the Right Solution for ALL Leaders

Operational Excellence sits at the heart of all successful businesses – every team, function or department should be searching for brilliance. For Operational Excellence to become a behaviour, it needs to be clearly understood by your organisation and supported with a methodology to guide decisions.

The Process Leader apprenticeship programme focuses on your  Operational Excellence strategy while combining the skills of creative thinking with the tools to communicate new ideas and the leadership capability to share those ideas in a year-long programme.



Train your Future Leaders, Today

The businesses of the future will be led by teams who understand how agility, collaboration, fast problem solving and critical thinking are at the heart of every decision.

While the roots of this standard are in manufacturing, the skills and behaviours are relevant to all sectors and we work to ensure the content is relevant for your organisation and team.




How we help you make it happen

The Opportunity Group is a future-minded apprenticeship training provider, delivering and designing programmes that develop future-critical business skills in key areas of digital, leadership, and data analysis.

Our workshops are delivered virtually through our dynamic learning platform, which makes learning seamless, interactive, with easy access to our high-quality learning resources, support and evidence processing technology.

Using apprenticeship standards as our baseline, we work collaboratively with you and integrate your own content, values and culture. We ensure the programmes being delivered are relevant, measurable and feel like your own.