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Our Career Builder Programme



Why the World Needs CareerBuilder

Our year-long Career Builder program – funded through your apprenticeship levy – is a deliciously multi-beneficial response to a devastating crisis.

Career Builder creates opportunities and a future for those people left ‘stuck’ in the wake of the pandemic and the educational uncertainties. It also bridges the digital skills gap emerging in many organisations and industries. And finally, it gives you the opportunity to take ownership of the problem and take action.

There’s no wonder Career Builder has been embraced by future-thinking companies.


Their Future is Tied to Yours

There are 230,000 school leavers from the Summer of 2020, made up of promising students with disrupted exam results and university-bound students now deferring and looking at alternative career paths.

This generation is the most at risk of being negatively affected for years to come by the economic fallout of the Coronavirus.

The Opportunity Group have partnered with social mobility charities to create Career Builder, our year-long programme – funded through your apprenticeship levy – aimed squarely at giving these digitally-savvy people a promising path into their careers.

Create the Skills for your Future

Through helping create promising futures for these people, you’re not only creating the next generation of data analysts and digital community managers, but you’re bringing in these skills and helping create a promising future for your organisation and your industry as a whole.

That’s how important this is.

We’re already working with a number of future-thinking organisations, such as Amazon and the Bank of England, who are keen to take action and support young school leavers with this multi-beneficial apprenticeship programme.

We’d love to talk to you about how we can help you take action too.


13 months in total which is the mandatory length for an Apprenticeship standard.

This programme has been created by The Opportunity Group to respond to those young people who are struggling to get onto the career ladder.

No!  Or Yes.  The point is, that you can decide together what is right for you both.

Some organisations might prefer to put the individual onto a permanent contract and that’s fine.

The recommended salary is the local living wage.  But if you would like to pay them more, no problem.