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Digital skills for your future workforce

Data has always been critical to an organisations productivity and efficiency and once analysed becomes an essential tool for decision making. Developing a workforce with the right skills to be able to interpret and react to the information data presents is essential.

The Intelligence Analyst programme bridges the gap between theory and practical application, exploring how data and analysis techniques can be applied in different organisations and programmes.  

How does it work?

Our programmes are built with a hands-on approach, by including practical elements and real-life examples, our apprentices are learning how to actually apply it into your organisation.

By balancing learning with practical, we designed our programme so apprentices are versatile enough to progress their career in a number of directions.

How we help you make it happen

At The Opportunity Group, we’re a future-minded apprenticeship training provider, delivering and designing programmes that develop future-critical business skills in key areas of digital, marketing, and data analysis.

Our workshops are delivered virtually through our dynamic learning platform, which makes learning seamless.

Using apprenticeship standards as our baseline, we work collaboratively with you and integrate your own content, values and culture, ensuring the programmes being delivered are relevant, measurable and feel like your own internal programme.  

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