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Data is essential in every business

Data is found in every business but not every organisation has the tools and resources to interpret that data correctly. Having the right knowledge and resources will help your organisation use data effectively and efficiently to grow your business.

On completing their apprenticeship, all of our learners will be able to specialise and be close to the source, format and present data securely and protect the organisation’s interest within the UK GDPR legislation.

How does it work?

Over the 12 month’s our apprentices will learn about everything about data approaches, stakeholder management and GDPR principles.

Our programme will teach them how to source, format and present data as well as how to influence and use it to tell a story, as well as understanding data bias and learn how to integrate and migrate data for business purposes.

How we help you make it happen

At The Opportunity Group, we’re a future-minded apprenticeship training provider, delivering and designing programmes that develop future-critical business skills in key areas of digital, marketing, and data analysis.

Our workshops are delivered virtually through our dynamic learning platform, which makes learning seamless, interactive, with easy access to our high-quality learning resources, support and evidence processing.

Using apprenticeship standards as our baseline, we work collaboratively with you and integrate your own content, values and culture, ensuring the programmes being delivered are relevant, measurable and feel like your own internal programme.  

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Data Technician Programme Roadmap