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Working with Cambridge Centre for Evidence-Based Policing

15 June 2021 |

Based on the Intelligence Analyst apprenticeship standard we’ve been able to power this ground-breaking programme alongside the pioneering Professor Lawrence Sherman to bring the programme to police agencies throughout the UK. 


The fundamental aims of this programme allows agencies to use better applications of research, to improve police performance, to protect the public and to uphold the rule of law. It supports anyone in policing, from Chief Constable to Civilian Staff Officers, to learn about how to use evidence for more effective policing. 


“The great thing about this apprenticeship is that it allows employers to have their apprentices learn from a project that’s being supervised by Cambridge University academics, but it’s also part of the day job of the apprentices.” - Professor Lawrence Sherman.



The great thing about this apprenticeship opportunity is everyone on the programme is funded by their police force’s apprenticeship levy, and by developing the individual, it’s not only personal development for themselves and their families, but also their organisation and the wider community through becoming more competent in their job.