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01 April 2019

The World of Work is Changing. Retailers are hiring Data Analysts, Construction firms need Negotiators, Investment Banks need more Coders than Economists. Behind the Brands are roles that didn’t exist 5 years ago; big data Architect, UX designer, Cloud Services specialist and those that did often don’t reflect the perceptions of sectors that we all grew up with ourselves. Caring people work in HR or Nursing, Economists work in Banks. To be a lawyer or a teacher you Have to go to University….All that has changed….

Hiring patterns and new talent entry points are also changing, organisations that hire school leavers can’t rely on Summer internships and degree preferences to whittle down their preferred candidates and the presumptive educational progression ladder of 3 A stars, 2:1 in anything and then well regarded Grad programme to specialise is less prevalent.

What hasn’t changed is organisations wanting the best people who have actively chosen to join their organisations and want to succeed and specialise to help them all achieve their strategic goals.


Playing the long game

Attraction needs to change. It needs to become a longer, more strategic process.

Employers can’t just wait for engagement with talent once they have become applicants or even later when they are candidates. Expecting people to jump through your application hoops with little support or specifics of what lies at the end of the process will not necessarily attract the ‘best’ candidates and certainly won’t feed into any diversity aspirations or broadening of talent pools.

In order to attract a wide range of suitable and capable people, employers will need to take time and energy to educate and engage a wide range of people and their influencers in order to help them realise that what you have as a range of opportunities is exciting and relevant and probably something they have never thought they would be interested in.

Gone are the days when employers can sit passively rejecting the majority of 1,000’s of applications to whittle down to those that look and perform most like the current employee population.



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There is no such thing as standing still. You either move forward or regress

Herbert J Grant

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