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Team Development

The 360° Diagnostic Tool

Take a 360° approach to improving business performance, using knowledge from all areas of an organisation to create a bespoke people development programme.

The 360° Diagnostic Tool can help you to:

  • Identify the challenges your business faces and how to overcome them
  • Future-proof your organisation
  • Make sure your people are all working towards the same goals
  • Allow your team to work at their best


How does it work?

We explore four key themes within your organisation: learning and development; business strategy; leadership and management; and performance management.

Input from stakeholders and staff at all levels of the organisation helps us shape a bespoke people strategy which will help your business function at its best.



“UK Athletics are extremely impressed with Gradvert and the work they have delivered, the attention to detail is genuinely impressive and the time they spent in understanding our business and unique challenges made the training process extremely powerful for those attending. Gradvert has had a significant impact upon our business, with delegates feeling able to deal with both day-to- day and emergency situations with a new confidence and skill space.

After the hard work Gradvert have put into the programme, we would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them to any organisation who are genuinely looking to develop their staff to greater levels of skill and performance.” 

Ralph Knibbs, Head of HR and Welfare, UK Athletics.