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01 January 2019

‘Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow’. Anthony J. D’Angelo

Happy New Year! We often embrace the start of a new calendar with a resolution to give something up or achieve a desired goal. Statistically, most resolutions are based on increasing individual health through stepping up exercise consumption and holding back on calorie intake. However, around sixty three percent of resolutions are broken within January alone. Which sparked some debate around whether it is worth embracing resolutions at all.

At Gradvert, we are keen to practice what we preach. One of our four core values is to promote a ‘Love of Learning’ and this is engrained in the staff culture at Gradvert, in both a personal and professional light. This habitual learning process means that our values are constantly driving us to develop our skills and reshape the ideas that we currently have stored in our minds. The idea is to constantly add to our knowledge and share our love of learning with others.

So, if you haven’t already guessed, we wanted to focus on our love of learning value to start the year off and remind ourselves that we don’t need resolutions because we are focused on improving ourselves through our core values. Developing talent is our passion and what every employee at Gradvert is focused on because after all, what we learn becomes a part of us and we all have a passion for life long learning.
Gradvert’s learning technology specialist, Mal Ditcham, shares an example of embracing a love of learning:

“I set myself a challenge of learning and developing my skills based around Adobe software, mainly Indesign and Photoshop. I dedicated time to be self-taught which is really beneficial because I can use my skills within my job – developing learning tools that help others. After a few weeks of committing an hour a day and a lot of Youtube tutorials later, my skills have improved, and this can be evidenced through producing graphics. My best accomplishment yet is producing a Super Mario graphic design, built from an array of shapes on Indesign”.

The current world around us is causing our love of learning to be more important than ever and it is crucial to keep up to date with trends and changes in society.
So, we hope you can start 2019 with less pressure of thinking about a new year’s resolution and more incentive to analyse your own outlooks and values. Ultimately, using these as your main driving factors to long term success.

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