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18 December 2018

Christmas is a notoriously busy time of the year. Your calendar is bursting with an uninformed array of social events, work deadlines and many other vital commitments. It is a time of year where we, as society, place so much pressure on ourselves to fit as much activity in as possible. But sometimes there is a need to reflect on our actions so that we can accomplish the best outcomes for both ourselves and those around us.

Gradvert’s team are no exception and we have put ourselves into a high gear, prioritising work-loads throughout the team. Our agile method means that we can enjoy our Christmas shut down, knowing that we can enter the new year with a positive mind set; rejuvenated and ready to get our productive cogs turning once again.

This blog post rounds off Gradvert’s busy year with some friendly advice to help-out with your demanding schedules. We are providing you with some last-minute gift ideas that have come directly from our team.

Andrew is Gradvert’s Learning Specialist, who also does a lot of work around well-being development – check out his wellbeing blogs. Andrew suggests giving away some headspace, literally. The Headspace app can be gifted to friends and family for a month, year or 2 years and offers a guide to meditation by Andy Puddicombe, meditation and mindfulness expert.

Andrew states:

“Accepting your own thoughts and feelings is so important, especially in such a busy month. I think being in touch with your internal dialogue helps you to appreciate what is going on and prioritise yourself as well as others”.

Gratitude journals are also high on Andrew’s list of wellbeing gifts. Psychologists have undergone many studies that showcase the benefits of keeping a record of the things that we are grateful for. It is possible to keep a gratitude journal digitally, but let’s be honest, a tangible present doesn’t go a miss at Christmas. Journals are widely available to purchase online.

“Developing an attitude of gratitude is really beneficial for appreciating what you have. By simply spending a few minutes every morning to write down three things that you are grateful for, will keep you on a path of constant development”.

Our Learning Technology Specialist, Mal, recommends a portable charging bar as an ideal present for technology lovers in 2018. There are a range of models available on the market, but the portable chargers are ideal for someone who is out of the house a lot and frequently using their mobile phone.

Another unique gift for somebody who enjoys something technical, would be a Bluetooth laser keyboard.

Mal says:

“Laser-projected keyboards are portable and allow you to type as if you were on a normal keyboard, when you are out and about. It is a bit of a unique way to work as the keyboard is literally laser projected onto the surface where you want to work – ideal for working on the go!”.

Hopefully, these gift ideas will help you out, if you are still looking for some last-minute ideas. Wishing you all a great Christmas from the Gradvert team!


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